Shot of full width of patio door from inside.

Water damaged area inside right corner.

Water damaged area inside left corner.

Shot of full width of patio door from outside.

Shot of area that gets wet on outside from water off roof.

Water has been seeping in from outside at the inside right corner since the cottage was built in 1998.  It has damaged the subfloor and probably the floor joist directly underneath as well as the sill the door is resting on. The damage does not extend beyond the door area along the wall or floor, only from the door edge inward. Last year we cut the plastic off that covered the sill and you could see the water has been running from the right corner along the the sill or entering from below the door and above the sill. The water leaks heaviest at the corner.

The left side looks more like a leak from the seal below the bottom door hinge.  The damage at the left is much less severe than at the right, but still significant water damage close to the hinge area.

The door was recaulked in the summer of 2016, but still leaks badly.  It is not obvious how the water is getting in at the corner.

From the outside shots you can see that the corner area is wet when every it rains and there is runoff from the roof.  Eavestrough is not currently on the cottage, but will be added as part of the repair of the door leaking problem.

Extent of Basic Work (minimum as more may be needed when door is removed):

  1. Remove old door.
  2. Repair damage caused by water to subfloor materials.
  3. Install new door.
  4. Replace damaged siding (CanExel - colour Acadia).
  5. Rework the decking that sits on to of the flashing so that the decking does not go under the siding.
  6. Supply and install aluminium eavestrough in area around deck door ( ~25’ with one inside corner and 20’ downspout) plus EasyOn Gutterguard from Costco.
  7. Removal and disposal of all old materials.

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Water damaged area right side sill area. Wet from edge to centre but not as bad as at corner.

Cottage Patio Door Replacement Project