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If you are looking for the versatility of a humbucker that is meant to be split, the RNS is an outstanding choice.  In my opinion, the tone potential of this pickup is optimized when setup in a Split Mode configuration with either toggle or push/pull switchs.  

I am also now winding a jazzier, lower output humbucker that can also handle a bit of blues, which may make the JZN series worth consideration.

At the current time, I offer the followings custom wound pickups humbucker pickups:

You can also “mix and match” bridge and neck pickup combinations to suit your tone quest by how you choose to wire in your neck and bridge humbuckers.

I work with you to get towards the tone you’re are looking for.  And again, if you are not happy with the pickups, you can bring them back in original condition for a full refund.  But I think you’ll be happy.  

Humbucker Pickups. . .

Pickup Covers in:
   - Nickel
   - Chrome
   - Gold
   - Bare

“. . .Whether it is twang and bang with the Alnico V DD Signature Series humbuckers in my telecaster or the smooth operators with the Alnico II DD Signature humbuckers in my Godin, these pick ups deliver great articulation,versatility,and tons of tone with a rich three dimensional sound! The hot screw side really makes a difference when the pick up is split. I have found the humbuckers with the sound and features for me. They'll be all over the next record!”    Dan. . .