Custom Wound Pickups


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Are you looking for that overdriven tone that will break up before having to crank your amp to 11 or that 60’s Pre CBS Vintage Strat type tone?  I can provide you with custom wound pickups to help you achieve that goal.  And if you are not happy, just return the pickups in the conditions they left the shop in for a full refund.  

At the current time, I offer Strat style passive single coil pickups on a custom wind basis in five basic configurations:

You can also “mix and match” by putting a hotter bridge with a medium output neck and middle pickup.

I work with you to get towards the tone you’re are looking for.  And again, if you are not happy with the pickups, you can bring them back in original condition for a full refund.  But I think you’ll be happy.  

Stratocaster Pickups. . .

Pickup Covers in:
   - White,
   - Aged White (or Parchment),
   - Cream,
   - Black

“. . .My Jeff Hagerman signature series pickups brought my Japanese Strat  out front in my lineup of live guitars. The neck is wound nice and hot and I find I’m just selecting it for my lead tone, instead of relying on a boost from a pedal. It finally has the sound I have been looking for, coming straight out of my guitar!  Thanks Jim”
                                                                                        Jeff (Ottawa)